Common Defects

A house with a large lawn and a garage.
  • Grounding Jumper at Water Meter
  • ​​Improper Connections
  • Missing Cover Plate
  • Missing Breaker at Panel
  • Missing Knockout
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  • Toilet Ballcock - Improper Installation
  • Missing Cleanout Plug at Floor Drain
  • Bath Fill Below Tub Rim
  • Hand-held Shower Lacks Vacuum Breaker
  • ​Backflow Preventer Missing at Outside Faucet
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Heating and Water Heater
  • Unsealed Flue
  • Diverter Askew
  • Flue Pipes not in Metal Liner
  • Improper Clearance to Combustibles - Flue
  • Flexible Gas Line Connector
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Dryer, Kitchen, and Bath Exhaust Vents
  • Plastic Pipe
  • Openings in Pipe
  • Not Vented to Exterior
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Fire Protection
  • Exposed Foam Insulation
  • Improper Smoke Detector Installation
  • Openings in Garage Fire Separation
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Solid Fuel Appliances
  • Solid Fuel Burner with Commom Chimney
  • Incinerator Still Connected to Chimney or Gas
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  • Improper Support or Excessive Notching
  • Missing Joist Hanger Fasteners
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  • Bucket in Attic
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