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Construction Consulting ~~~ Umpire and Litigation

Construction Consulting

Did you ever have that repair or remodeling project go bad?

Do you have concerns with moisture, drainage or ice dam problems?

Are you planning or have done any remodeling recently?

Do you need a roof certification or inspection of any other component?

‚ÄčLet M J Moser help with all of your concerns

Umpire and Litigation

Unfortunately, there may come a time when you sustain damage to your property. At times like these it sometimes becomes necessary to have a professional witness protect your interests with either your contractor or your insurance company. Most insurance companies require an “appraisal” which is in reality an arbitration. In most cases you are required to follow this procedure before any insurance claims can be made. This is sometimes a complicated process which most homeowners are not aware of. It generally consists of each party having their own professional witness, and presenting their position to an “Umpire”. M J Moser can serve in this capacity as a neutral 3rd party.

Why choose M J Moser?