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Common Defects - Plumbing

Here are some common items found on a typical inspection

Toilet ballcock

The toilet must have a proper 1″ air gap from the maximum possible water level. This is to prevent toilet water from being drawn into the drinking system.

Toilet ballcock

Maintain 1″ minimum clearance from top of overflow center tube  to bottom of “CL” or bottom of black tube.
Missing cleanout plug
Missing  cleanout plug on floor drain(s) allows sewer gas entry. These sometimes are rusted and corroded but an expanding type replacement is available at most hardware stores.
Bathtub fill or faucet below tub rim
Bathtub fill or faucet below the rim of the tub. This will allow tub water to siphon into the drinking system. To correct raise all faucet  & discharge components above the rim of the tub or install approved in-line check valves.
Missing vacuum breaker
The bathtub shower must have a vacuum breaker on any hand held showers that can reach below the rim of the tub. The one shown is chrome and available at most lumber  or hardware stores.
Missing backflow preventor
Any outside faucets or threaded laundry tub faucets must have a backflow device to keep any weed killer, fertilizer, etc. from entering the drinking water system.