Common Defects
Here are some common items found on a typical inspection



The electrical system must be grounded to the plumbing system and maintained through a jumper as shown here. Note: clamp location is on street side and house side of the water shut off valves.   

Grounding Jumper



Size Copper Aluminum

in Amps Ground Ground

<=100 #6 AWG #4 AWG

125 #6 AWG #4 AWG

150 #6 AWG #4 AWG

200 #4 AWG #2 AWG




The toilet must have a proper 1" air gap from the maximum possible water level .This is to prevent toilet water from being drawn into the drinking system




Maintain 1" minimum clearance from top of overflow center tube  to bottom of "CL" or bottom of black tube.


Missing  clean out plug on floor drain (s) allows sewer gas entry. These some times are rusted and corroded but an expanding type replacement is available at most hardware stores.


Bathtub fill or faucet below the rim of the tub. This will allow tub water to siphon into the drinking system. To correct raise all faucet  & discharge components above the rim of the tub or install approved in-line check valves.

Top of overflow is maximum water level.

The backflow valves can be installed on the back of the claw foot tub or behind the wall on conventional tubs



Plastic dryer Vent is not allowed in MN. Must be metallic 14 ft maximum length with 2 elbows. Maximum flexible metal is 6 ft.


No openings are allowed in dryer vents.

Dryers must vent directly to the exterior.


Smoke detectors must be properly installed. No part closer than 6" to ceiling / wall junction and no further than 12" . Note: Carbon monoxide detector are required within 10 ft of all sleeping areas ( in hallway outside bedrooms ).


Openings in the house / garage fire separation



Exposed foam insulation is a Hazard as the fumes given off by exposure to flame are deadly. It must be covered by an approved material i.e. sheetrock.

crawl space

Rim joist area


Improperly supported or overly notched floor systems


Missing or improper joist hanger nails interior or exterior can cause collapse .


Bucket or pail in attic to catch rain.





The bathtub shower must have a vacuum breaker on any hand held showers that can reach below the rim of the tub. The one shown below is chrome and available at most lumber  or hardware stores.


Any outside faucets or threaded laundry tub faucets must have a backflow device to keep any weed killer, fertilizer etc from entering the drinking water system.





Missing electrical plates, covers, or wires not in junction boxes.



Missing breaker in  Main panel


Missing knockouts on electrical boxes or panels


Improper connections on wiring can cause shock or fire


Unsealed flue pipes on furnaces & water heaters


Water heater diverters askew can allow carbon monoxide into dwelling


Heating system & water heater  flue pipes not in metal liner can allow carbon monoxide into dwelling.


Improper solid burning appliances in common chimney are a fire Hazard


Incinerators still connected to chimney  or gas supply.


Improper clearance to combustibles in attic is a fire Hazard



Kitchen exhaust venting into attic



Bathroom exhaust venting into attic.



Improper flexible gas lines can leak and cause fire or explosion. All flexible connectors must be stainless steel and be of approved type.

The one in the photo is plastic coated brass and is not legal.